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What's Inside the Explosive Conditioning Workout Guide?

Fun, functional movements that increase athleticism.

Aimed at MMA athletes who want to stay explosive without any equipment.


A short and sweet, 2x per week workout that's programmed so that you can recover, and come back BETTER, more explosive and more conditioned.


Check out some people we've helped along the way

Francis Tiapis,
Ax Fighting
Flyweight Champion

Having taken The Art of Strength conditioning program for the past 2 years now, I have felt better physically and mentally then I ever have. It's an essential part of my training regiment going into my fights. In the time that I have implemented his circuits in my training I have gone 5-0 and also captured the Ax Fighting MMA title.

Lance Kawi,
Kickboxing Tournament Champion

The Art of Strength program has been a staple in my MMA and overall fitness training for the past 5 years now. I learned the basics of fitness, strength and conditioning, MMA based training and even nutrition from the very knowledgeable coach at AOS which has improved my daily well-being and ability to compete. Currently I use the skills learned to train almost everyday and have competed in multiple kickboxing tournaments thanks to the confidence and fitness that the program has brought me. I would not have the power and cardio to fight without the Art of Strength and highly recommend their lessons as an essential supplement to improve competitive performance and to increase overall fitness benefits,

Kirk Tse,
AMA Bantanweight

I trained with the Art of Strength on their program before my fight for the AMA Bantamweight Title and I couldn't have made a better decision. The lead instructor is so knowledgeable, he even helped me tune up some boxing technique! Needless to say I did win my fight. I highly recommend them. Thanks again AOS!