Super Coffee! It's more than my morning pick-me-up

Hey all. So, I've been looking into beginning a diet for myself to lose some of this covid weight (I'm at 198lbs, but typically walk around at 188) and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as we basically were locked away inside with the option to... well, not do very much of anything. When looking at adjusting my training and nutrition, I usually start from the beginning and ask, what's the first thing I have when I wake up other than water? Coffee! Of course. In analyzing my daily intake and supplements around the house to help begin the weight loss process, I remembered my favorite recipe. It's one that I refer to as: Super Coffee! It's a delicious and very nutritious blend of a few supplements packed into a traditional cup of joe. And I don't think I've ever shared this recipe before, so you reading this - you're first!

Supplement #1 - Collagen Powder

Collagen is a killer choice of protein and can be found in abundance in the body. Rumor says it has shown to reduce the signs of aging in the skin like wrinkles and sagging, can improve bone density, increase muscle mass and is generally very bio-available. In my opinion, this is the best type of protein you can take. It's benefits are clearly numerous and as a man in my early 30's, looking and feeling younger while training with the young guns in the dojo is definitely up on the priority list. Not to mention, this stuff dissolves easily into a hot cup of coffee, doesn't lose its potency, and doesn't have a flavour. If you have a big mug, you can fit about 10 grams of protein (1 serving) into one cup.. Not a bad start to the day. Purchasing tip: Get the product that offers all three types of collagen in the bottle. Hydrolyzed collagen has been said to break down too fast in the stomach, so buying type-2 or the 1-2-3 blend is probably going to do more good.

Supplement #2 - Chocolate Greens Powder

This superfood supplement almost makes the coffee taste like a mocha. But it's a mocha that delivers organic greens, antioxidants and often fibre all in one serving. If you have trouble getting in enough green food during the day, then this is something you can start with. I love them because I can get a huge serving first thing in the morning. The benefits include muscle recovery, removal of free-radicals in the body, lasting uplift in energy and sometimes (depending on the product) more stamina for training. This stuff is a awesome.

Purchasing tip: Avoid products packed with lecithin. It's basically a filler! And of course always make sure you get the organic ones with the highest amounts of green goodness.

Supplement #3 - Five Mushroom Blend (Tincture)

If you're training hard, you know the effects that training can have on your immune system. So if you're looking for a natural product to help boost that immune system, mushroom extract is a solid one. Since I use collagen powder and greens powder, I don't want the coffee to get too thick, so I use a tincture for the mushrooms. I have read that in this form, you can get a much higher dose in a smaller serving as well. It mixes in no problem and adds a very mild chocolaty flavour. The blend I use has Chaga for immune system health, Reishi for reducing stress, Lions Mane for mental alertness, Cordyceps for physical stamina and Turkey Tail for digestion and more immune benefits.

Purchasing tip: Go dual-extract! The science on this one is complicated.. We'll save that for another post.

Supplement #4 - MCT Oil

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, aka healthy fats. This stuff moves quick into the liver to be metabolized as energy, and teaching your body to utilize fat as energy is a very helpful tool. MCT oil will get to the power houses in your cells called mitochondria quickly and efficiently and increase your energy. Some of you may be saying... why do I want to take fat with my coffee for nutrition? Well, because these are healthy fats with a much lower probability of lending themselves to fat stores and offer almost immediate energy! They get utilized so fast that most people trying to get into ketosis use this product to speed the up the process. Did I mention that the brain will soak this stuff up for fuel as well?

Purchasing tip: Not all oils are made the same. The one I have includes both coconut and palm kernel oils, but it's mostly coconut. I'd stick with something like that.

And that's it!

The Super Coffee! Finally revealed. I hope you get to try this awesome blend of nutrients for a superior start to your morning. I invite you to give it a shot, train hard, and leave a comment below to let me know how you liked it.

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